Boundary Works is an educational technology consulting firm providing consulting, research & custom software development services to corporate and academic clients. We combine a strong understanding of the history, theory and practice of online education, with deep knowledge and experience with emerging technologies to create future-oriented, pedagogically effective solutions.


  • Online learning consulting
  • Educational technology consulting
  • Custom software / app development
  • Software integration
  • Research
  • Product selection support


I have been developing and supporting educational technology for well over a decade. I’ve consulted with startups, established businesses and academic institutions to help match educational objectives to the tools needed to enable them. I’ve worked with startups from launch to acquisition and guided more established organizations to successfully extend their practices online.

In addition to building tools to support online learning I’ve also experienced them firsthand from a learner’s perspective. I’m currently a Master’s of Education candidate at the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University, where I’m conducting research into learning analytics and networked learning.

It’s an exciting time to be working in ed-tech. We have the tools we need to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of education, and ultimately to expand access. The challenge is to successfully match innovative tools and practices – poorly integrating new technology will achieve later. TV was expected to both replace radio and revolutionize education but in the end did neither. Still, there is good reason to be excited about the new possibilities for both teaching and learning made possible by Internet-based content and connectivity.

Developing strategies and practices to enable these new possibilities depends on:

  • applying the lessons learned from the previous 85 years of distance education research
  • ensuring that out-dated assumptions and practices are not unnecessarily transferred to this new medium
  • recognizing that effective technology-mediated learning involves changes to both social and technological practices

Delivering effective and innovative ed-tech solutions is a multi-disciplinary endeavour. Getting it right depends on balancing the above-mentioned principles.

For further background see my LinkedIn profile.